01Yangming College    Read
02College of Literature and Communication    Read More
03College of Philosophy and Social Development    Read More
04College of History and Ethnic Culture    Read More
05College of Foreign Languages    Read
06College of Music    Read More
07College of Fine Arts    Read More
08College of Law    Read
09College of Economics    Read
10College of Management    Read
11College of Tourism and Culture Industry    Read
12College of Public Administration    Read
13College of Marxism    Read
14College of Physical Education    Read
15College of Mathematics and Computer Science    Read More0086-851-3620186
16College of Physics    Read More
17College of Life Science    Read
18College of Computer Science and Technology    Read
19College of Big Data and Informaton Engineering    Read More
20College of Mechanical Engineering    Read
21College of Electrical Engineering    Read
22College of Civil Engineering and Building Construction    Read
23College of Architecture and Urban Planning    Read
24College of Materials and Metallurgical    Read
25College of Chemical Engineering    Read
26College of Mining    Read
27College of Resource and Environment Engineering    Read
28College of Liquor and Food Engineering    Read
29College of Agriculture    Read
30College of Forestry    Read
31College of Zoology    Read
32College of Pharmaceutical Sciences    Read
33College of Tobacco Science    Read More0086-851-83856206
34College of International Education    Read
35College of Continuing Education    Read
36College of Science and Technology    Read
37Mingde College    Read
38College of People's Armed    Read
39College of Medical    Read More
40College of Tea Science   Read More

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