Delegation from Singapore Visits GZU
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On April 19th, a delegation from Singapore visited GZU and had a meeting with GZU representatives. Hong Liqi, vice president of Singapore University of Technology and Design, Kong Lijuan, director of International (China Affairs) Department of Nanyang Technological University, and Zhou Shaoqi, vice president of GZU, attended the meeting. The heads of relevant departments of both sides were among the attendees.

Zhou Shaoqi introduced the long-standing exchanges and cooperations between Guizhou University and universities in Singapore on talent training, scientific research cooperation, student exchange and mutual visits by teachers.He pointed out that Guizhou University takes the coordinated development of regionalization and internationalization as one of its core strategies. He hoped that the two sides would carry out long-termand pragmatic cooperation in the future, and make their due contributions to the double-first-classconstruction of Guizhou University and the globalization strategy of Nanyang Technological University and Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Hong Liqi introduced Singapore University of Technology and Design, including the development of related master’s disciplines. He hoped that the two sides would strengthen their cooperation to jointly cultivate high-quality talents, improve their employment rate and school-running level.

Kong Lijuan introduced the characteristics of Nanyang Technological University, its exchange programs and its strategic cooperation. She hoped to promote student exchanges, and expected the two sides to make new achievements in their way to internationalization.

At the meeting, participants had in-depth discussions on the cooperation mechanism,curriculum, talent training and the promotion of follow-up cooperation plans.

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